Testing alliance changes

I've now completed the initial work to test out the alliance changes as previously mentioned and discussed.

The changes the we are trailing are as follows, note these are slightly different to what was previously said.

  • Ships moved into an ally’s hex are gifted to them, this means you can’t attack an ally but can instead aid them easily.
  • When an alliance is ended there is a 3 turn stand down with map sharing immediately turned off but ship gifting still active for the alliance breaker.
  • The person who didn’t end the alliance can immediately attack their new enemy, but if they do so during the stand down phase then the enemy can start attacking back.
  • Players now retain scan history that's been shared with them, even after an alliance is ended. You'll still see what you last saw shared with you.

As this is a trial I've not spent the time and completely baked the changes into the UI yet. Gifting ships still looks like a normal attack, and in fact attack reports say you were attacked and won with more ships than what you started with. Additionally, when a former ally is in the ‘stand down' phase it'll say on their profile panel and they'll be marked as an enemy. If you are in a stand phase it'll say so on the profile panel of the related player and they'll still be listed as an ally.

If you're interested in helping test these changes then join the game called 'Massive Multiplayer' it won't affect your rating so feel free to break many, many alliances :-)

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